Les Pouilles – Voyages Rive Gauche

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Les Pouilles – Voyages Rive Gauche

Les Pouilles – Voyages Rive Gauche

Nous voici en voyage dans les Pouilles.
Voici la conférence web sur la chaîne YouTube de l’agence française Rive Gauche avec laquelle nous travaillons depuis longtemps.
L’objectif de cette rencontre en ligne est de montrer l’itinéraire créé sur la région des Pouilles, et présenté dans le catalogue de l’agence de voyage.
Les Pouilles – Voyages Rive Gauche

Cette région est d’une authenticité étonnante, pour prouver ce que nous disons, nous avons organisé une conférence entre l’agence, ceux qui nous suivent et Samantha, un des guides de Comari di Puglia, qui a expliqué tout l’itinéraire, les caractéristiques, les paysages et la cuisine.

Samantha guide les circuits de Rive Gauche dans les Pouilles depuis plusieurs années avec beaucoup de succès et surtout avec beaucoup de dévouement.

Notre contribution, en tant que guides et témoins de la beauté de ce territoire, est également visible à travers les vidéos et quelques photos de la conférence.
En particulier, les vidéos sur Bari, capitale de la région des Pouilles, Castel del Monte et Trani.

Arianna a tourné sur Bari vecchia, les ruelles, les dames qui veulent faire des orecchiette, et sur les anciens murs de la vieille ville.
Fabio est le protagoniste de la vidéo sur Castel del Monte ; et c’est lui qui a tourné la vidéo sur Trani, sa ville.
Il est vraiment nécessaire de remercier Fabio pour l’excellent travail réalisé. https://www.pugliatourguide.com/

Les photos sont d’Alessia Dispoto, une photographe de Bari, notre collaboratrice.

Pour compléter le parcours une question. Quelle est la ville la plus à l’Est de l’Italie?

Les Pouilles, en fait, sont la région la plus orientale de l’Italie, connue sous le nom de “Talon de l’Italie”.
Nous attendons vos réponses

Nous sommes très heureux du résultat car il montre tout notre engagement et notre amour pour la belle terre des Pouilles.

Nous vous attendons pour la prochaine saison




Pasta is a lifestyle. Ammin’ la past’!

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Pasta is a lifestyle. “Ammin’ la past’!” It’s a sacred ritual in Italy and in Puglia

Pasta is a lifestyle. Ammin’ la past’!

Pasta is a lifestyle. Ammin’ la past’!  What do you mean in the Apulian dialect?
Dropping the pasta into the boiling water, is a sacred ritual in Italy and in Puglia!
But it’s not just a moment of our daily life in Italy
Pasta is a lifestyle! Why?
Because, pasta is not just food, pasta is THE food in Italy: pasta is a way to find our bearing in life’s flow of time

If you come to Apulia and you hear someone saying “Ammin‘ la past’!”, it means literally “throw the pasta!”

How? We mean into the boiling water, which is something we do because pasta has to be eaten warm and well-cooked after a specific number of minutes in the boiling water. And we need to calculate exactly the moment because over-cooked pasta is disgusting!

And a very important question that must be asked in Italy, in Puglia practically every day is: “What kind of pasta would you like?”
“Spaghetti, penne, orecchiette, fricelli, vermicelli, rigatoni”
All the pasta is seasoned with products of the Apulian territory, such as cabbage, broccoli, lentils, green beans, tomatoes for the sauce, very famous.
Everyone knows the pasta dish with tomato sauce, and minced meat, like meatballs.
And in Puglia, orecchiette (our typical pasta) with fresh tomatoes and strong ricotta cheese, a goodness that we recommend you to taste when you are here.

But we also use this expression metaphorically:

Fabio will show you the ritual and more: pasta is man’s best friend!

Pasta is a lifestyle. Ammin’ la past’!   https://www.pugliatourguide.com/

No pieces of pasta were harmed by making in this video


So if you want to taste our land, know our history, places, and above all our habits, traditions, and how we express ourselves, well then follow us



Barletta – strolling with Fabio

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Barletta – strolling with Fabio. Guided tour of the city of Barletta

Barletta – strolling with Fabio

And who is going to take us around Barletta today? Fabio! In this video he shows you this city, a place with a lot of history. In only 5 minutes.

Barletta – strolling with Fabio

He will take you around the city of Barletta and show you the most characteristic places and the most important monuments, such as the Castle, the Cantina della Disfida („Challenge Tavern“), the Cathedral of S. Maria Maggiore and Heraclius‘ monument, a bronze colossus, a majestic statue over 5 metres high which inspired a curious legend…

The episode of the Challenge is well known and celebrated even today in the city. So It is usually celebrated with a costume parade, and the historical event, in September. But the date of the famous Challenge is 13th February 1503. Some clothes of that time can be found in the Cantina della Disfida, the place where the offense took place. It’s worth a look.

In the Castle there are some archaeological finds, but above all a stone bust which allegedly depicts Frederick II, the Emperor who used to spend much of his spare time in Apulia during the 13th century. And he did a lot for this region! You can visit it everyday, except on Mondays
You can’t miss a visit to the Cathedral and its basement; yes! Because they found during the archaeological excavations many ancient remains, and some decorations.
It will surprise you!

And in Barletta there is much more, especially De Nittis’ Gallery, named after the painter Giuseppe De Nittis born in Barletta. He moved to Paris, and married Léontine who gave him a son. And he did not forget his birthplace, he painted it many times in a very suggestive way.
So this city is very interesting, a surprise for many. Because you can see and touch with your own hands the signs of history, the ones that were truly experienced by the inhabitants and the ones that live today only in the oral tradition. With Fabio, you won’t miss any of these signs!

Barletta – strolling with Fabio
Let‘s continue our walks around Apulia!






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“Crist’, chiam’m’!” This is a typical dialectal expression of the Puglia region.


In this video We explain when we use “CRIST’, CHIAM’M’!” 

In our region we often turn to the saints not only to pray, but also in less appropriate situations…! This is a typical dialectal expression of our region, Puglia.

So Apulian religion related dialect.

Why does Italy have more churches than people?
Because when you visit the historical centres, the villages, the monuments, you stop in a square to eat an ice-cream, you turn around and you are in front of or inside a church.
But for everything else, you find the people and things we are all used to

Now let’s take an example that could happen during one of our guide services
Imagine if during a guided tour, inside a large ancient church, everyone is silent, with earphones listening to the guide, seriously busy explaining the marble inlay of one of the altars, suddenly one of the backpacks falls on the floor on the feet of one of the participants of the visit causing also noise: we would say “Crist’ Chiam’m’!” for the embarrassment and especially for the desire to run away from that situation.

If you want to enjoy a direct experience of this emotion, call us and tell us on the phone: “Hello, We’d like to book a guided tour for tomorrow!
Are you the “CRIST’ CHIAM’M” Team?
Oh Jesus, of course we are!”






Trani – Strolling with Fabio

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Trani – Strolling with Fabio! We’re waiting for you

Trani – Strolling with Fabio

Let’s start our walks in the city of Trani – Strolling with Fabio.
In the video Fabio wants to show his hometown, Trani, in less than 5 minutes. He will take you around the old town, between the Cathedral, the Queen of the cathedrals in Puglia Region, the Castle and the Jewish Quarter, he will tell you about “Little Nicholas”, a pilgrim who became Trani’s saint patron, and the oldest medieval maritime codes in the Mediterranean Sea and we will finish our walk in the Villa Comunale, from where we will enjoy a wonderful view of the port.

Our aim is to show you the places where we visit, and we want you to participate in our visits.
We have thought of showing you the guides of Le Comari di Puglia through videos: during a walk in the historical centers that we propose, when we want to tell you a story or a legend or simply show you some of our ways.
We will also show you the guides who are all busy explaining and collecting ideas during the guided tours.

A photo is as much a must as a visit to the city of Trani, her wonderful views, strolling with Fabio of course.

We wish you a good tour!
Hey! Let’s make it clear for anyone: we are waiting for you!

Trani – Strolling with Fabio   #visitpugliawithus,  #ingiroconlecomari






Visit Puglia with us. Image of brand for new routes in Puglia


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Visit Puglia with us. We are ready for a new season of new routes and visits in Puglia Region


we are ready for a season of new routes, visits and little-known places. Visit Puglia with us, one of the tourist guides of the Comari of Puglia.
From today we will show you in videos and the tourist Puglia, our favorite places and something else, all those villages that are videos beautiful, authentic, true treasure troves of art and natural beauty. And of course we will also tell you their history, traditions, typical cuisine and some anecdotes.
Something new that deserves a visit and a trip to Puglia

The photo that you see clearly highlights Visit Puglia with us, in fact, we will let you visit all those places; follow us in this touristic and cultural route, you will see some beautiful ones and you will be pleasantly surprised. Our brand for new routes in Puglia

Why promote?
Because we want to see you Puglia, make you feel it as much as possible and when you are here, we will show it to you, even touch it.

We will start with the cities of art, Trani and Barletta, with videos and photos that underline their characteristics: monuments, collector’s pieces, alleys and glimpses through the alleys of the historic center and their panorama.

We are writing a page, that of the routes, dedicated to new destinations in Puglia: they are the less travelled ones, which arouse wonder for the simplicity of the places and the people who live there. It will be dedicated to the Dauni Mountains, the Gargano National Park and the province of Foggia.

So, Visit Puglia with us, follow us, here on our Blog, FB, Instagram and

write us for any information, questions or requests to info@lecomaridipuglia.eu

Puglia is beautiful, with a tour guide, it will be even more so. VISIT PUGLIA WITH US


Bari 3 septembre. Image du premier groupe de la saison touristique 2020

Premier groupe de la saison touristique 2020

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Premier groupe de la saison touristique 2020. Aujourd’hui à Bari

Premier groupe de la saison touristique 2020 au départ de Nantes, France.

Aujourd’hui à Bari, à la Basilique Saint Nicolas et à travers les ruelles de la vieille ville, guidée par Arianna qui n’a pas caché son émotion pour la première visite guidée en français du 2020.

Le premier groupe de la saison touristique 2020 a décidé de visiter la région des Pouilles et ses merveilles ce mois-ci, en septembre, malgré les problèmes liés à l’état d’urgence.  Ils ont respecté toutes les règles de sécurité et d’hygiène; ce faisant, nous avons effectué une visite complète.

Une promenade à Bari, dans le centre de la ville et dans le centre historique, connu sous le nom de Bari vecchia.

Nous avons visité le quartier Murat avec le théâtre Petruzzelli, en style art nouveau, les avenues les plus importantes, Corso Cavour et Corso Vittorio Emanuele II avec un arrêt au Palazzo di Città; photos au théâtre Margherita, de 1914, avec de belles décorations extérieures et le vieux port.
Après avoir pénétré dans le centre historique par la Piazza del Ferrarese, nous avons traversé la Piazza Mercantile, la place la plus importante de la ville de Bari avant l’unification de l’Italie avec l’ancien Sédile, et toute la muraille, les anciens murs datant de 1500, avec une vue sur le magnifique bord de mer de Bari.
Une visite suggestive à la Basilique de S. Nicolas, où nous avons rencontré quelques dames de confession orthodoxe, désireuses de prier.
La promenade dans les ruelles, les arcades et les passages, dans les cours et dans la rue de l’Orecchiette a achievé la visite.

Le voyage continue vers d’autres destinations dans les Pouilles, de la vallée des Trulli à Lecce;
Ils ont été sur le Gargano pour voir la forêt d’Umbra et le Monte Sant’Angelo.
À la fin du week-end, ils rentreront en France.

Nous tenons à les remercier d’avoir visité le territoire des Pouilles en compagnie des sympathiques Comari!



We stay at home – Katia takes care of her daughter

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We stay at home – Katia takes care of her daughter, Giulia

We stay at home – Katia takes care of her daughter

Katia is the youngest tour guide in the group, but she started working when she was only 20 years old.

He lives in Alberobello, speaks French and English

He knows the Valle dei Trulli, the Valle d’Itria and the province of Bari very well. She’s also tour guide in all Apulia region and takes part in the promotional ideas of the Comari di Puglia’s entreprise
From November 2019 she became the mother of the adorable Giulia to whom she dedicates all her time.


On reste à la maison – Katia s’occupe de sa fille, Giulia

Katia est la plus jeune guide du groupe, elle travaille dans les Pouilles en français et en anglais. Elle vit à Alberobello, connais très bien la Vallè des Trulli et la Vallè D’Itria et partecipe aussi aux idées promotionnelles de l’entreprise Le Comari di Puglia.

A novembre 2019 Katia est devenue maman et s’occupe à temps plein de son adorable fille, Giulia.


We stay at home – Fabio rests on the terrace

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We stay at home – Fabio rests on the terrace


Fabio is enjoying Apulia’s sun on his terrace, saving energies and hoping to be back soon to his favorite activity: showing visitors the beauty of his region!

Fabio is a tour guide in Apulia regione in German, English, French & Modern Greek. He lives in Trani
He knows very well his town, all the castles and apulian cities art.

Fabio writes also for Blog internet, FB pages, and some articles in tourism domaine


Wir bleinben zu hause

Fabio genießt Apuliens sonne auf terrasse, spart Energie und hofft, bald wieder zu seiner Lieblingsbeschäftigung zurückzukehren: den Besuchern die Schönheit seiner Region zu zeigen!

Fabio ist ein Reiseleiter in der Region Apulien in Deutsch, English, Französisch und Neugriechisch. Er lebt in Trani

Er kennt seine Stadt, alle Burgen und apulischen Städte sehr gut.

Fabio schreibt auch für Blog-Internet, FB-Seiten und einige Artikel im Tourismusbereich



Giovanni and his favorite hobby, music

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We stay at home – Giovanni and his favorite hobby, music

We stay at home – Giovanni and his favorite hobby: music

Giovanni is the Britishman of the group

It’s called so because he’ s a tour guide on all of Puglia as if were British.

Music lover, in this period he’s dedicating himself to the study of soul music, reads and listens.

He has got a large collection of records, CDs, books and so on, he collects everything in one room,

even if today is on the terrace.

He’s a tour guide in all the region Puglia in Italian and English language: his knowledge is of Apulian art cities and traditions