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Banksy. Bari, Teatro Margherita, exhibition until 12 June

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On display are 40 silkscreens of the most iconic works of Banksy, unconventional artist who has drawn contemporary art on the street, on tha walls

Well not! He drew moments of everyday life, thoughts, doubts, the famous characters so grotesques

👀🧐 If you like, we’ll take you to see and answer your questions

🔍🔎 will be open daily through June 12,  

📆 Monday to Thursday

⌚ from 10.30 to 20.30, and

📆 Friday to Sunday

⌚ from 10.30 to 21

Tickets: https://www.ciaotickets.com/…/banksy-realismo…

📲 3402671389

Acquista l’escursione Nel cuore della Bari Antica


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