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Most of tourists wonder why religion is still today so important for our region. That’s why we’re telling a story about our traditions

Everytime you walk around old towns, you have the impression that the number of churches exceeds that of people living in the place!

But we’re not only talking about buildings: holy figures are always present in our daily life, in our thoughts and in our language. Just to give an example:

when we find ourselves in a bad situation – we’re not talking about a torture though – we are used to kindly ask our Lord Jesus Christ to invite us as soon as possible to the Kingdom of Heaven, in order to stop bearing that burden of pain: is it 35°C and you are sweating like a Caciocavallo cheese (in the picture)?

Are you trying to peacefully read a book in a public garden and suddenly a school class bursts causing loud noise? Did you sunbathe too long and now the colour of your skin reminds that of a lobster shell and it itches like hell in every single spot of it?

In moments like these we ask Jesus for help, we just scream impatiently “CRIST CHIAM’M!” – “CHRIST, PLEASE CALL ME!”




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