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It was 1996 when the Unesco committee decided to register for the first time among its World Heritage Sites two monuments of Apulia. One of these was Castel del Monte.

The octagon-shaped building, erected by Frederick II’s will, the only enlightened sovereign we’ve had in Southern Italy (so far… you never know) has been a puzzle since scholars have started showing interest in it: why was it built?

Why is it so different from the other medieval castles you can see in the area? Was it meant to protect or just to scream aloud „THE EMPEROR IS WATCHING YOU, EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE“? .

Some experts say it was just a defensive castle or „castrum“ in Latin, some other people state it was build in order to hide the Holy Grail, some others believe it was the Emperor’s sauna, you can also hear people saying it was a private university or a hunting residence.

Where is the truth? You can learn more if you book a flight to Bari and you dial our number.


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