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Pasta is a lifestyle. Ammin’ la past’!

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Pasta is a lifestyle. Ammin’ la past’!

Pasta is a lifestyle. Ammin’ la past’!  What do you mean in the Apulian dialect?
Dropping the pasta into the boiling water, is a sacred ritual in Italy and in Puglia!
But it’s not just a moment of our daily life in Italy
Pasta is a lifestyle! Why?
Because, pasta is not just food, pasta is THE food in Italy: pasta is a way to find our bearing in life’s flow of time

If you come to Apulia and you hear someone saying “Ammin‘ la past’!”, it means literally “throw the pasta!”

How? We mean into the boiling water, which is something we do because pasta has to be eaten warm and well-cooked after a specific number of minutes in the boiling water. And we need to calculate exactly the moment because over-cooked pasta is disgusting!

And a very important question that must be asked in Italy, in Puglia practically every day is: “What kind of pasta would you like?”
“Spaghetti, penne, orecchiette, fricelli, vermicelli, rigatoni”
All the pasta is seasoned with products of the Apulian territory, such as cabbage, broccoli, lentils, green beans, tomatoes for the sauce, very famous.
Everyone knows the pasta dish with tomato sauce, and minced meat, like meatballs.
And in Puglia, orecchiette (our typical pasta) with fresh tomatoes and strong ricotta cheese, a goodness that we recommend you to taste when you are here.

But we also use this expression metaphorically:

Fabio will show you the ritual and more: pasta is man’s best friend!

Pasta is a lifestyle. Ammin’ la past’!   https://www.pugliatourguide.com/

No pieces of pasta were harmed by making in this video


So if you want to taste our land, know our history, places, and above all our habits, traditions, and how we express ourselves, well then follow us




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