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One of the most famous monuments of our region is the Church of St. Nicholas in Bari.

This saint – that everyone knows thanks to the successful 2.0 version called „Santa Claus“ – is often named as „St. Nicholas of Bari“, even if he didn’t have much to do with our area, as he was Bishop of Myra, today’s Turkey –

Everytime I mention „Turkey“ there is always a wanna be professor in the group pointing out Turkey has nothing to do with Nicholas‘ culture: high five dude, you earned 10 points, 999,990 left to get my tour guide badge as a gift!).

St. Nicholas‘ spent most of his life in the TURKISH (LoL) town; he also visited Rome once just to have a chat in front of a cup of coffee (no, it was not known in Europe at that time, I don’t know what they used to sip while hanging around with friends) with his boss Pope Sylvester, and maybe, and I say maybe, he passed through Bari.

Seven centuries after his death, some sea men from our area went to TURKEY (re-LOL) and stole his bones (well, they were in a hurry, so they could grab only 65% of the relics – skull, some random bones and a little bit of that miraculous liquid called „manna“ or „myron“) to take them to Bari and build a new romanesque church.

The one you can still visit today.


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