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Taranto – The City on 2 seas


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Taranto, the city of the Two Seas
Guided walking tour of the historic centre, church + seafront

Guided tour of Taranto, the city of the Two Seas, so called because you can see both Mar Piccolo (“the Little Sea”), the inland sea with its fishing boats and mussel farming, and Mar Grande (“the Big Sea”), with its commercial and industrial port; the city lies on the deep blue Ionian Sea, the largest tributary of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Guided walking tour starting from the castle and through the historic center with a visit to the Cathedral of St. Cataldus, the swing bridge and the waterfront to enjoy Taranto, the city on 2 seas. 

In the middle of the two seas, the swing bridge, built at the end of the 19th century, the old town center, one of the oldest in southern Italy with all its narrow streets, posterns, steep and very narrow stairways, dates back to the 10th century, called the Island because it looks like an island in the middle of the two seas and the castle, still a fortress. We will take you into the Cathedral dedicated to San Cataldo, with a decorative apparatus that no one can imagine, truly precious. 

During the walk, it is a must to stop at the Doric columns, belonging to an ancient Spartan temple dating back to the 6th century B.C. in front of the castle and the sea, one of the most representative pictures of Taranto. 

In Taranto’s main street, Via S. Tommaso D’Aquino, there are cafés and bars where you can enjoy an ice cream or an aperitif and go shopping. 

A city to discover, to see, to touch and to live in. 


Tour duration: 2 h

📅 Guided tours every day

️ 10 am and 04 pm
Start times may be changed if necessary

➡️ Meeting point at Piazza Castello



What’s Included: Enabled Guide, Accessibility Information 

What’s Not Included: Entrance fees to monuments and museums _______________________________________________________________

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