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De Nittis in Barletta, the painter, his history, his works, his masterpieces. 

In Barletta, in the city’s picture gallery, there are paintings by Giuseppe De Nittis, a painter born in Barletta, with great skills and an independent nature, who wanted to devote himself to his great passion, painting, and began to visit some of the most important Italian cities, such as Naples, Rome, Florence. 

He later moved to Paris, where he continued his career.

After his death, his wife Léontine donated part of his paintings to the city of Barletta.

Today the art gallery is named after and dedicated to the painter, and is located in a beautiful Renaissance palace, Palazzo della Marra.

We can search and find in his works many different forms of expressions, that make De Nittis fit into the painting movements of his period, and compare him to other sublime names. 

But the truth is: it is “magic” to visit and admire what he painted.

An amazing gallery of dreams! 

De Nittis depicted the land of Apulia, as he imagined it, the places he visited during his travels, the cities where he lived, the European capitals, the landscapes. And the portraits of the people he met, the ladies of the Parisian Belle Époque, salons of the nobility and busy everyday environments, painted as vividly as if they were real.

In art, De Nittis is also famous for portraying moments of his family life in the simplest way, the most famous painting being “Breakfast in the Garden”, which shows his wife and son around a breakfast table in the garden of their home.

We will make you dream!!!

http://www.barlettamusei.it/orari_marra.html Green Pass required for access


The Comari di Puglia work safely and guarantee the application of all national and regional safety and hygiene regulations of the competent authorities.


Tour duration: 1 h 30 

📅 Guided tours on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 

11 h – 15 h  

The starting times of the visits can be changed


️ Meeting point at: Via Cialdini in front of the art gallery


What’s included: licensed guide

What’s Not included: Museum admission ticket


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