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We stay at home – Katia takes care of her daughter

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We stay at home – Katia takes care of her daughter

Katia is the youngest tour guide in the group, but she started working when she was only 20 years old.

He lives in Alberobello, speaks French and English

He knows the Valle dei Trulli, the Valle d’Itria and the province of Bari very well. She’s also tour guide in all Apulia region and takes part in the promotional ideas of the Comari di Puglia’s entreprise
From November 2019 she became the mother of the adorable Giulia to whom she dedicates all her time.


On reste à la maison – Katia s’occupe de sa fille, Giulia

Katia est la plus jeune guide du groupe, elle travaille dans les Pouilles en français et en anglais. Elle vit à Alberobello, connais très bien la Vallè des Trulli et la Vallè D’Itria et partecipe aussi aux idées promotionnelles de l’entreprise Le Comari di Puglia.

A novembre 2019 Katia est devenue maman et s’occupe à temps plein de son adorable fille, Giulia.



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