Le Comari di Puglia Immagine delle Comari di Puglia

LE COMARI DI PUGLIA has a group of tour guides in Puglia, a small company for a professional and high quality service.

Thanks to the deep knowledge of the Puglia region, the Comari will guide you to discover the most fascinating places with particular attention to detail and curiosites.

The group consisting of Arianna, Roberto, Samantha, Katia, Fabio, Giovanni, Giuseppe, Debora, Nathalìe, Terry and all the other professional guides is committed to making to make each visit a moment of pleasure in the name of serenity and liveliness.

Each excursion with the tour guide is aimed at exploring is exploring the details belonging to the regional cultural identity, folklore and the most ancient traditions. The goal is to make tourists at ease, as if they were at home.

fun walk through the ancient villages in Puglia, those places where the customs and traditions of entire families are still intact, will be on the agenda for the excursions in Puglia.

There will be stop in the lookouts for panoramic photos, in which to capture exclusive views.

The goal is to walkvisit, laugh together to go in search of the wonders that Puglia has to offer.


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