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We are dedicating a blog to Apulian delights and cuisine.

An area rich in typical products and traditional dishes: let’s start with bread.

This is an oven-baked product with very particular characteristics, linked above all to the raw materials used, the leavening and baking, in stone ovens with firewood, above special wooden boards. The first phase takes place with the oven open, closing the oven mouths only fifteen minutes later, to reopen them in the final part of baking, thus guaranteeing the evaporation of moisture .

The remilled durum wheat semolina is obtained from the varieties of wheat grown and harvested in the Alta Murgia territories.

The Alta Murgia territory means Altamura, Gravina di Puglia, Poggiorsini, Minervino Murge and Spinazzola.

For us, it remains the PANE di ALTAMURA, a compact, crunchy crust with a soft, straw-yellow crumb inside and the typical ‘a cappidde de prèvete’ shape, literally a priest’s hat.

With a drizzle of olive oil, cherry tomatoes and a pinch of salt it is exceptional!

We recommend vegetables such as courgettes, aubergines and onions on grilled bread


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