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Archaeological Museum of Taranto (M.Ar.Ta.)



Private tour with guide from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 pax
Adulti 2 51,00€ x 2 = 102,00€
Adulti 3/4 51,00€ x 3/4 = 152,00€
Adulti 5/6 51,00€ x 5/6 = 204,00€

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The National Archaeological Museum of Taranto boasts one of the largest and most beautiful collections in Italy, belonging to Ancient Greece, Greek Taranto and Roman Taranto, from the 8th century BC to the 5th century AD. B.C. to the 5th century A.D. you can see fabulous jewels, decorated vases, bronze and marble statues and finely decorated mosaics.

A visit to the M. AR.TA. Archaeological Museum in Taranto is a unique experience.

And so, we want to convey to you the emotion you feel when you admire for the first time all those artefacts, the dedication of the craftsmen, the habits that the people had, yes, the daily habits. 

How they decorated their temples, their tombs, their household objects and what they used to keep in their great buildings. 

They used gold and precious metals; they even minted their own silver coins.

The Archaeological Museum of Taranto is located in the very centre, in the heart of Taranto, a few meters from Via D’Aquino. 

To enter the museum, it is compulsory to book and purchase the ticket online https://www.shopmuseomarta.it/it/

A Green Pass is required for access.

The Comari di Puglia work in safety and guarantee the application of all national and regional safety and hygiene regulations of the competent bodies.

Tour duration 1 h 30 

📅 Visits on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

     Weekly closure on Monday

10 h

The starting times of the visits can be changed

 ️ Meeting point: at Piazza Garibaldi



What’s Included: Enabled Guide, Accessibility Information

What’s Not Included: Museum admission ticket


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